Friday, March 21, 2008

Two New Packs Added

Today added two new packs. First one called MS Paint Level Pack sended to me by Adam. All created using MS Paint graphic editor , drawings maybe not in crayon style but looks really nice and funny to play. Levels can download here.

Second pack created by PCH can download from this link. Pack include 7 crayon style levels.

Thanks for all creators and we waiting for more nice level packs :)


Jason said...

Hi! I really enjoy playing all of these levels! I also have a level pack that I created. I would love to share them with you, but I don't know how to get them on your blog... you can download them from my website:

Thanks and I look forward to seeing more new levels!

Jason said...
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Hey all.
I've taken the liberty of going though all the level packs here and giving them a bit of a buff; removing redundant files, preventing the packs from overwriting each other and/or the game, and adding batch files* so you can load any of these packs without having to backup/re-name anything.

You can find all the packs @:

If any of the authors have a problem with this, let me know, and I'll take your pack down.

*disclaimer: I didn't write the batch file, I simply modified the one I found in other packs.

Anonymous said...

Hi there --

I'm not a programmer, but I enjoy crayon physics. Forgive the remedial questions, but do I correctly understand that if I download these packs I will be able to enjoy the creative new levels you all have developed? Is there anything I need to do when saving the file to ensure that the program accesses these levels? Again, apologies for such a basic set of questions, but I look forward to seeing your doubtless excellent work! said...

If you download the packs via the link in my previous post, all you need to do is extract the files to the right places (*.bat to \crayon\ and \data\ to \data\), double click on the *.bat file, and you'll launch those custom levels.

adam said...

yeah, v-dog did a great job of making it simple for us, thanks!

also, thanks for including my levels.

i hope you all enjoy them!

- adam said...

Not a problem. :)

Hopefully this will encourage all developers to do likewise - let's set a standard here. :)

Parker said...
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Parker said...

Thanks for adding my level pack (PCH). Also and jason, nice work! Makes it easy.

ps. I am making another level pack where all the levels use catapults!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I look forward to enjoying your fine work.

cp said...

Jason : you can send me to email your pack with short info and i post here. thanks

cp said...

parker , jason and others who want post levels here , please send me link or packs in email , if you want create later many others packs then i can add to administrator list and will be possible post news himself

Anonymous said...

This game will be listed on from the 1st of June

Love it!

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